September 5, 2020

Ruger AR556 – Ruger’s Newest Rifle

By CoExistWP

Ruger Ar556 pistol with 10.5  threaded barrel and Black Widow Brace is an affordable and high quality pistol, best suited for your first handgun or home defense. This model of Ruger’s Ruger AR pistol is equipped with a SBA3TM pistol stabilizing brace to further improve accuracy, balance and recoil control.

ruger ar556 pistol

The Ruger Ar556 has a fixed front sight that offers excellent elevation adjustment. There is no bayonet lug, which gives it a more conventional look.

The Ruger AR556 is also loaded with features. The standard ammunition for this pistol is 9mm Parabellum, and it features the SPC muzzle brake to ensure maximum stopping power, as well as a three-position choke.

The Ruger Ar556 has a fixed magazine capacity of twenty-five rounds. The magazines have a specially designed locking mechanism for added security.

The Ruger AR556 features an adjustable front sight and a non-reciprocating firing pin. The barrel length of this model is thirty-two inches long, which is shorter than the Rugers larger models.

A key safety feature in the Ruger AR556 pistol is the “Safe” button, which prevents the firing pin from firing until the trigger is depressed to the rear. In addition to this, the thumb safety allows for quick removal of the trigger and the safety catch, which allow for easy access to the firing pin assembly.

Ruger’s Ruger AR556 pistol has a slim design that makes it easy to carry even for small hands. It also has an easily recognizable “Ruger” logo that identifies the model.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Ruger pistol, consider checking out the Ruger AR556. For an affordable, durable pistol, this model offers an excellent balance of portability, accuracy and reliability.

The Ruger AR556 comes with a one-year warranty. Some guns may also come with a one-year optional extended warranty. For additional information, be sure to check with your Ruger dealer.

The Ruger AR556 features a fully adjustable trigger to give shooters the advantage of a short reset. It also features a two-position, reversible firing pin safety, which means that the firing pin can be easily accessed when the safety is engaged.

The Ruger also includes a magazine loading tool, which allows for easy reloading after each shot. The magazine features an easily removable base plate and spring loaded bolt.

The Ruger also features an adjustable sight, with an enlarged aperture and finger-adjustable target reticule. The front sight is covered with a rubber cover to protect it from weather and other elements.

The Ruger AR556 also comes with a side-mounted charging handle, which makes reloading easier. It also includes a detachable magazine that features the magazine body.

A new detachable holster is included in the package. The Ruger AR556 pistol has a safety latch, which is also a safe way to carry the gun in a carrying case. With a detachable carrying case, the pistol can be taken on a hike or hunting trip without having to worry about it falling out.

In addition to the above features, the Ruger offers a high-performance laser rangefinder and laser range finder (LRF). These are essential accessories for hunting. The LRF will allow hunters to know exactly where their target is, so that they can accurately take a shot.

While the Ruger AR556 has many great features, it is important to read customer reviews to determine if the gun is right for you. Also, check with a dealer that specializes in Rugers for more information on the different models.

Another important thing to remember is to avoid guns with an extended magazine. unless you plan to use it exclusively.

When considering Ruger pistols, you will find that you have several options when choosing from a wide selection of models. You can get a rifle or a pistol to suit your needs.