August 27, 2020

WiFi Speed Test With Windstream

By CoExistWP

One of the ways that I keep track of my internet usage is by doing a WiFi speed test. I usually use my phone to download and upload the necessary files like photos, videos and music to my computer so that I can save time and money when it comes to paying for internet services. My phone has been perfect so far but I recently bought a new laptop with WiFi support so I decided to try out the new laptop. As I thought that WiFi is a lot cheaper than dial up connection, I decided to check the Internet connection through the laptop and it surprised me. I was shocked at the speed of my laptop connection. This was due to the fact that I was not using a broadband connection and I was using the wireless adapter which is not capable of transmitting high-speed internet signals.

wifi speed test windstream

I was amazed because a month ago I had used Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet and it was just as fast as broadband and I was able to watch streaming videos even without being connected to the internet. I was quite upset when I discovered that the laptop did not support WiFi in the first place. So, what I did to find out more about it was to do a WiFi speed test with Windstream’s free service. This is a simple process as it only takes a few minutes to carry out.

After I finished the process of downloading the software and installing it, I was able to do a WiFi speed test by connecting to the Windstream WiFi network. It gave me an accurate reading as well as a good indicator about how much bandwidth my wireless adapter can manage. After doing this test, I was able to choose the best Wi-Fi speeds for my laptop by setting the parameters of the test and then followed it to the letter. So if you are having similar problems with your laptop, make sure you do a reliable WiFi speed test with Windstream.